Having left this blog (and most online writing) alone for a couple of years, I’ve come back to it as a result of the EU referendum disaster, and maybe I’ll be more active in future.

My name is Richard Burnham. I used to be a science researcher and lecturer, now I’m a freelance technical author, earning my living in the “open market”.  I am also currently a part-time research student in philosophy at Keele University. I have lived in a lot of places and several countries, but currently I view the world from Shropshire and various work locations including London.

My research is concerned with the logic of explanations and theories, in science, economics and real life. That’s still at an early stage. But this blog was started because I was interested  in the arguments that people use in things I read and hear, including the use of spin in trying to influence discussion.

Politics is not my thing. Apart from a brief membership of the Liberals at university, and campaigning for the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland in the early 70s, I have never been a member of a party. Maybe I come closest to the Greens, but I want to be assured that their policies are based on sound science (to be fair, that is not true of the other parties either).

The title of this blog is inspired by this.