Blogger’s site taken down by quacks

[BPSDB] After threats from a couple of quacks, the blog For the Sake of Science was taken down by WordPress for ‘terms of service violations’. Pharyngula has several posts on the subject.

Andreas Moritz is one of the quacks – he is clearly a vile person who exploits desperate people, and he would be up against the law in the UK in short order for falsely claiming to treat cancer. It ‘s clear that his supposed causes and treatments are bogus.

What is really nasty about people like Moritz is that they try to make people feel guilty about their cancer, and exploit that guilt to sell their worthless wares. It’s natural for people, after a disaster, whether it’s personal or something they are involved in, to feel that they just might have been able to do just a little bit more to avoid it. Moritz and his sort blatantly  play on this by suggesting, absolutely falsely, that a cancer is caused by a person having the wrong thoughts, a negative attitude, or not ‘fighting’ the cancer hard enough.

[expanded 20 Feb 2010]

Michael Hawkins has posted the ‘offending’ article on a new blog: please give him your support.

[24 Feb] For the Sake of Science has been restored.


2 thoughts on “Blogger’s site taken down by quacks

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